welcome to the shitshow!

Hi!! I'm Em, but I also go by Maverick, Zero, and Joxter. You can call me Mav or Ricky for short tho. I use any pronouns and uhhhh yeAh- welcome to my page lolz! I like do kandi, code, play guitar, sew, and paint mostly. I have ADHD (as well as C-PTSD and PPD) and my current hyperfixation is Majora's Mask. Also, I kin Joxter, if you couldn't tell :P

if you wanna be friends, then don't be afraid to message me, I dont bite! (Well, i do sometimes /j) Just check my BYF before you do, please :]

hEy! put on my music for best experience!

my stampz and blinkiez!